Rotten Milk EP

by Another Astronaut

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After sitting in my bed trying to understand how to use Pro Tools on my own for the first time, I recorded some songs!


released October 21, 2014

Special thanks to Mike at Towndrow Audio for helping me along the way as well as Sean Washington from The Astral Cadence for adding that sick guitar solo at the end of Orgy.



all rights reserved


Another Astronaut Bronx, New York

Another Astronaut's unique sound of fast paced and energetic pop-punk stands out from the predominantly hardcore and metal scene. With catchy riffs and lyrics that can be relatable to just about anyone of any age, AA captures the ears of listeners and brings back a distinct, youthful sound that is sure to leave an unforgettable impression. ... more

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Track Name: ...Let's Have An Orgy!
Let's have an orgy of judgement
We can sit in circles and point fingers at our friends
We can share the blame for why this bullshit never ends
A mediocre chorus of the filth we all transcend
Let's have a conversation
Of why your selfish lies just had to ruin my nation
Why we couldn't rise above this broken foundation
And finally cure our cancer
I'm just looking for some answers

Why couldn't we believe in each other
Maybe it was in our hearts
Maybe we just fell apart
But one by one we stabbed each other's back
And now we can't just walk away
without torture and some pain

Let's have an orgy of karma
We can sit in circles acting out our new routine
Someone's gotta smile and take the bullets for the team
Quick now gather around Im almost crawling on my knees

This child's reached his limit
Someone call the ambulance
I think Ive finally overdosed
The drugs have got me comatose

Im thinking way too hard
And all the colors in my head are fading
One by one my friends are gone
One by one my friends are gone

I think I've lost it
The world has slowed down
Give me a second
I'm slowly fading out

I've found a purpose for this gun
Shooting up the places that we used to think were fun
Watching all the children grab their toys and fucking run
Blasting words through concrete while the world becomes undone.
Track Name: Rotten Milk
Emasculate your sister's friends
No emotions you just pretend
You think you're queen cause you're so mean
But in the end you're no one's friend

And when you fall don't break your hip
Don't freak out girl just get a grip
Don't lose your mind, don't make mistakes
I told you so but it's too late

You're fucking spoiled

You fucked up mean old slutty hag
To be near you is such a drag
And now I'm done I'm so damn through
So fucking tired of chasing you

And when you fall don't get so mad
Remember all the times we had
Before you fucked up anyway
And now I'm done so long, good day

Your fucking life means nothing to me
I wish that you would go away
I hate your smile, I hate your face
I hate the fucking things you say
Track Name: Southern Romance
It's getting real late I just got home from work
And so I stumble to bed for a late night jerk
I've got a box of Kleenex and I'm ready to go
Got my laptop charged for an hour of videos

My bosses suck and I hate my job
And all my friends think I'm just a drunken slob
And so I drift away to naughty fantasies
I've got a candle lit date with little ol' me oh yeah.

And when I feel that pressure building
Bursting through the seams
I'll turn my head and think to myself
As I I slowly breathe

I love myself

And when it's all said and done I'm kind of feeling sick
I can't believe I spent an hour looking at these chicks
They're not as attractive as I thought they were
My intentions have become just a desperate blur

And now I'm sitting in bed wondering where I went wrong
It must have been that video with the grandma in a thong
I drift away to guilty fantasies
There goes my sad little date with pervy ol' me oh yeah.
Track Name: Whiskey Town
It's 10pm on a monday
No one wants to hit the bar with me
No acquaintances, no friends just what the bar man recommends
A pint of Sixpoint and a couple shots of whiskey

A drink for shitty internet
A drink for my ex's new friends
A drink for everyone who forgot that I existed

A drink for biddies and their grudge
A drink for Alice just because
A drink for everyone who thinks that I'm addicted

Maybe if you saw what the world looks like from here
You wouldn't be so quick to cut me down
And maybe if you cared about what's happening up there
You'd have some shots with me at Whiskey Town

A shot for liars when they're caught
A shot for all the shots I bought
A shot for nights when we're all toasting "To the next step"

A shot for minimum wage jobs
A shot for everything you've lost
A shot for running out of lyrics for this song

Maybe if you saw what the world looks like to me
You wouldn't be so quick to cut me down
And maybe if you cared about what's happening up there
You'd have some shots with me at Whiskey Town